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OPERATIONS EXCELLENCE is the key to maximum profit in a business.  

Your CREATIVE BRAND is your face to the world.

 MARKETING brings your excellent operations and brand to new customers And increases revenue.  

ARE YOU LOOKING TO HIRE AN INTERNAL MARKETING PERSON?  Think about this first.   Let’s say you want to hire someone who knows what they are doing.  That will probably cost you about $50,000 per year, plus payroll taxes, benefits, unemployment etc.,  AND, you have to supervise that person.  Plus, no one person can be an expert in everything when it comes to marketing.   For a flat retainer of $3000.00 per month, you can retain a firm with multiple experts, all working on your projects, and all supervised by project managers with 10 – 20 years of experience.  And they have to deliver each month or they will lose their contract.  Save $15,000, get more productivity, reduce liability.  That sounds like a winning strategy.  Talk To Us About Your Business.

Social media is a must for any food brand in today’s market.  If you aren’t on social and interacting with potential customers then you are losing out to your competition.  Our team works with you you to create engaging social content that attracts customers and puts your brand at the front of the line.  We work in video, photo and written mediums to create the most engaging content.

Our creative team builds memorable and amazing branding to include logos and visual assets, websites and social media presences.   Our writers generate engaging optimized content.  Our designers build websites that capture leads and present your brand in the best light.  Tie that all together with a style guide to ensure everyone knows how to properly present your brand.

Internal marketing, anything that happens within the walls of your operation that is seen by employees and customers, as well as external marketing, which is meant to build brand awareness and bring in new customers are both critical to success.  Maximizing profit from each person in the door before bringing in new customers will make you more profitable now.  Reaching new customers once an internal marketing strategy is in place will ensure you net the most from each of those new customers.  This drives maximum profit.

osterfeld tailors our proven   restaurant strategy to  each client individually.    We wrote the book (literally) on restaurant PROFITABILITY.

SAy your operations are excellent and you just need creative branding –  WE DO THAT. Or, you have great operations and branding and just need more customers – WE DO THAT, TOO.

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