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Michael Osterfeld

Michael Osterfeld is the President of Osterfeld Industries, Ltd. and the President and Principal Partner of The Osterfeld Agency, a branding and lifestyle marketing firm that helps companies create strong customer recognition and loyalty through digital media platform creation and management.

He is the founder of Zapp.Guru and Zappeats.com, a business marketing and automation platform that helps businesses reach more customers online through fully-managed and accurate data, listings, websites, and contact systems.


Out now, exclusively on Amazon Kindle, ‘Restaurant Marketing to Drive Profit Now’.  The book goes over some of the key aspects of marketing that restaurants need to know and implementation steps to help achieve increased profit through effective marketing.  Just $2.99 though March of 2021.   Check it out here.


Michael Osterfeld brands are partnerships between some of the best and brightest executives and creatives in the world.

Founded in 2019, ZappEats is a restaurant menu publishing and order taking platform allowing restaurants to take online orders and keep their profits.  It is part of Zapp.guru

Founded in 2009, The Osterfeld Agency is a national branding and marketing agency helping the hospitality industry create amazing campaigns and experiences. 

Zapp.Guru is a an online marketing platform that allows businesses to sync data, contact customers, build websites and secure them for a flat monthly rate. 

Southern Food News is published by The American Food Network and covers everything related to food in the Deep South.

In 2012, Michael Osterfeld partnered with an investment group to launch Playboy Live, the live version of Playboy allowing fans to interact with models online for the first time. 

Reviewed is a food show, expanding nationally, where local food critics dine out and create POV food reviews so you can see the action. 

Mikes Big Mouth is the media production division of Osterfeld Industries, producing realty based online content.  

Featured is a showcase that presents unique restaurants and food concepts that people may not generally hear about. Unique. Outstanding.  Local. 

BBQ Slut is, well, all about BBQ.  A show about tips and trick to grilling from a master backyard BBQ’r.

.Open4Biz was created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic to let consumers find open, local, restaurants.  Over 50,000 restaurants were listed nationally.  It included partnerships with the Louisiana Rest. Assoc., Nevada Rest. Assoc, Nebraska Rest. Assoc. and others.

Smash was created as a spin-off of the Osterfeld Agency to devote an entire team to branding and identity services for businesses. It is comprised of an elite group of experienced designers who have worked on branding for some of the worlds top brands.

Osterfeld Industries, Ltd. is the original company founded by Michael Ostefeld which houses all projects outside of The Osterfeld Agency, Ltd. 

Board Memberships

Michael sits on advisory boards for some of the top up-and-coming start-ups around the world in marketing, manufacturing and operations. 

Founded in 2017, MB sentinel is a forward-thinking company devoted to creating top-quality anti-theft Mailboxes and parcel vaults.

Atmospheric Water Generator, LLC began in 2015 when Mel Gordon continued hearing many news stories and United Nations reports about the growing water problems around the globe.

Founded in 2019, RedShift Advisors is a lower middle market investment bank founded with a focus on transactions in the 5-50million valuation range.

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