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While we do not offer A la carte services (we work with brands on retainer only) we do know that clients want to know what our capabilities are.  And so, here we go.

Creative Design and Branding

Brands looking to freshen up their image have come to the right place.  Our designers will sit down with you and find out who you are and what goals you have.  Then, we dig in to the process of identifying a look and feel that you like.  We use this as “inspiration” so that we understand what you like so we can design something you will love.  And, in turn, your customers will love.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing.  Social media is something where every business must engage with customers.  It is no longer optional – it is key to being out in front with everyone else.  Reminding people you are there and why you are special.  If you don’t have a social media and a content strategy you are losing sales to your competition.

You need a comprehensive strategy to manage search marketing, social media, web presence, paid advertising through 3rd party sites and manage your reputation to be successful in the current business climate.  We are here to help.

Event and Promotional Marketing

Event and promotional marketing is a key aspect of promoting a businesses.  Sponsorships for events, in-house events like product launches and product introductions are a huge part of promoting a business.  Ensuring that you connect to the right audience for your events and that your events are seamlessly marketed using the correct channels is critical to success.

Complete Web Development Services

Web design and development is a core part of any business.  60% of consumers won’t even talk to a company without a website.  An outdated or missing website is damaging to your business.  We build amazing websites that showcase your product and engage your customers. We maintain the sites and ensure they stay up to date with all of the correct information.  It’s all included in our monthly retainer.

Operations Consulting

It doesn’t make the best sense to drive more business to a company that is suffering from operational issues.  Sure, it may increase cash flow but it can also do more harm like exposing people to a problem more frequently.  Operational issues can happen without notice.  A key team member can leave and cause upheaval.  Or, sometimes there’s a new business owner who is great with branding, people and concept but doesn’t have the background to manage the numbers and systems that are required to keep a business profitable.  We connect with partners that help businesses bring their systems in line and perfect operations so that they can optimize revenue from every customer through the door.

Food and Production Cost

Every food business has to know their cost of food production.  In restaurants, food cost being off by just a few percentage points can result in loses of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.   These costs should be defined and used to generate price points for menu items and product sales.  If your food cost is out of line, or worse, you have no idea if it is or not, don’t worry.  We partner with some of the top experts in the field.  In many cases, they can save you thousands within few months simply by bringing the numbers under control.

Labor Cost Controls

Labor cost can eat a business alive.  Every business should have a set labor percentage to match against sales to know if these costs are in line.  We work with restaurants to analyze labor costs, sales trends and hourly wages and then bring those cost inline through effective scheduling of labor hours based on sales and customer counts.   Labor and food cost are the two big ways food businesses lose money, and fast.  We can fix it.